Monorail, Ceiling-Mounted

This Ceiling-Mounted Monorail Anchor Track System is sold as individual components, a standard assembly kit, or as a custom engineered system. This anchor track system provides straight rigid track fall protection on a fixed path for many applications, such as truck loading and unloading, vehicle or machinery maintenance, and manufacturing.

As a ceiling-mounted monorail system does not require support columns, the system does not take floor space, which means more space for your workers. In fact, ceiling-mounted monorail systems can easily protect workers in tall ceiling height applications. By using existing support steel, a ceiling-mounted monorail system can easily support long runs and curves within the system design.

Manufactured By: Rigid Lifelines®


Always mounts to existing support structure Easily accommodates long spans of fall protection coverage. Great for tight bays with limited floor space Workers can move up to 30 degrees off center to gain more coverage area. Quick and simple field assembly with bolt-together components — no welding required. Enclosed track design decreases the possibility of dirt or dust build-up interfering with trolley travel Anchor Trolley™ comes standard.


Additional information

Weight Capacity

Our Systems can be Designed for Workers up to 400 Pounds When Used with 900 Maximum Average Arresting Force (MAAF) Energy Absorbing Self-Retracting Lanyards


Meets or Exceeds OSHA and ANSI Standards