Maintenance Platforms, Custom

These custom aircraft maintenance platforms are engineered for specific aircraft, to provide reliable and durable fall protection compliant units. Through rigorous product testing and evaluation along with our vigilant focus on end-user feedback, we continuously improve our products to perform when it counts.

These aircraft maintenance platforms are always designed to meet or exceed the applicable required safety regulations. Personnel safety, accessibility, modular construction, maintenance, and ease of set-up for re-configuration are often key factors included within the design of these aircraft maintenance platforms.


Factory Supply offers various aviation Work Platforms including wing stands, fuselage ladder, maintenance platforms and more. that are built to industrial strength. Allowing your crew and maintenance staff to perform their daily tasks safely, the work platforms are sturdy to stand the test of time and feature easy mobility. If our standard products are not suitable for your needs, contact us today for a custom solution.


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3 Persons

Material Types

Steel or Aluminum


ANSI-AS A14.7, BS EN 131.7 & CE

Padding Material