Lift-N-Glide Hoist Based Roll Handling Unit

The Lift-N-Glide is unique in the variety of load handling characteristics it contains. Though the Lift-N-Glide was primarily designed for roll handling, it does not just stop there; with the correct end effector, it is able to complete a number of different tasks including lifting and moving products onto racking systems.


Some of the many features of this roll handling solution include the option of both standard and custom length lift masts, a slip clutch on the down movements of the roll handling unit in order to ensure safe load handling and an adjustable handlebar which allows the operator to achieve an optimum ergonomic operation.

Additional information

Designed For

Lifting and Moving Rolls



Material Types

Anodized Aluminum or Steel

Weight Capacity

500 lbs

Number of Users



Push Buttons

Gripping Mechanism

Core Gripping


Able to Lift up Rolls 4"/sec and Rotate 360 Degrees


360° Swivel for Load Handling Access