Heavy Duty Wagon Truck

Heavy Duty Wagon Truck


Lead Time : 14 Days Material : Steel Finish : Powder Coat

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  • Product Description

    Fifth wheel steering describes a type of steering where the front wheels and axle assembly pivot on a center point, which is referred to as the fifth wheel. Because the steering wheels encounter less friction when turning than would be encountered in a swivel caster, wagon trucks with fifth wheel steer- ing can be easier to maneuver under heavier load conditions. This is especially true when softer, wider pneumatic wheels are required because of use on rough or uneven surfaces. Wagon Trucks with this type of steering are typically pulled, but can also be pushed. T-handle with vinyl handgrips allows two man operation.

  • Additional Information

    Number Of Shelves / Decks


    Top Shelf / Deck Width (Inches)

    24, 30, 36

    Top Shelf / Deck Length (Inches)

    36, 48, 60, 72

    Top Shelf / Deck Height (Inches)

    15, 19

    Overall Height (Inches)

    15, 16.5, 19, 20.5

    Shelf /Deck Lip Or Flush

    Flush, 1.5


    2000, 3000, 3500

    Caster Type

    12″ X 2.5″ Mold On Rubber, 12″ x 3.5″ Pneumatic, 16″ x 4″ Pneumatic



    Drawer Size (If Applicable)


    Manufacture Part Number

    CH-3660-12MR, CH-3660-12MR-FSD, CH-3660-12P, CH-3060-16P-FSD, CH-3060-16P, CH-3060-12MR-FSD, CH-3060-12P, CH-3060-12P-FSD, CH-3660-12P-FSD, CH-3660-16P, CH-3672-12P-FSD, CH-3672-16P, CH-3672-16P-FSD, CH-3672-12P, CH-3672-12MR-FSD, CH-3660-16P-FSD, CH-3672-12MR, CH-3060-12MR, CH-3048-16P-FSD, CH-2436-169-FSD, CH-2448-12MR, CH-2448-12MR-FSD, CH-2436-169, CH-2436-12P-FSD, CH-2436-12MR-FSD, CH-2436-12P, CH-2448-12P, CH-2448-12P-FSD, CH-3048-12P, CH-3048-12P-FSD, CH-3048-16P, CH-3048-12MR-FSD, CH-3048-12MR, CH-2448-16P, CH-2448-16P-FSD, CH-2436-12MR

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