Heavy Duty Pallet Risers

Heavy duty pallet risers are used throughout your warehouse or manufacturing space. Often times they are heavy, dirty, and many times are broken or missing parts. Wood pallet problems can be completely eliminated with modular steel pallets. These pallets are designed to raise wood or plastic pallets off the floor and have easy 4-sided access for handling equipment or pallet trucks.


Factory Supply Inc. Provides a number of standard and custom ergonomic material handling solutions. We have experience in creating and supplying solutions to the Automotive & Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical & Hospital Industries, Food & Beverage Industry and Warehouse & Retail Industries.


Additional information

Designed For

Storage and Movement of Products


Handling Equipment or Pallet Trucks

Material Types

Galvanized Steel Pallet

Weight Capacity

10, 000 lbs

Number of Users





Size Standard or Custom Sizes up to 60' x 60'


4-Sided Access for Handling Equipment or Pallet Trucks. 6" to 150mm Clearance Floor to Frame