Gearbox Rotor Assembly Stand, FSH-1510-AW109

This gearbox rotor assembly stand is designed for accessing the transmission and main rotors. This helicopter maintenance stand includes heavy duty swivel casters for mobility, with an option for a step-lock if needed.

Manufactured By: Factory Supply Inc.


Factory Supply offers various Helicopter Maintenance Platforms including Cowling Access Stands, Gearbox Rotor Assembly Stand and more, that are each built to industrial strength. Allowing your crew and maintenance staff to perform their daily tasks safely, the maintenance platforms are sturdy to stand the test of time and feature easy mobility. If our standard products are not suitable for your needs,
contact us for a custom solution.


Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Accessing the Transmission and Main Rotors

Padding Material

Rubber Deck Edge Bands

Aircraft Type

These are Curtail Versions of the Bell UH 1 Iroquois (Huey) Single Engine Military Helis Often Used for Crop Dusting Cargo Lifting and Aerial Fire Fighting

Foot Print

68"L x 41"W x 132"H

Material Types

Standard Steel Construction

Caster Details

Heavy Duty Locking Swivel/Rigid Casters

Weight Capacity

75 pounds ft

Number of Users



Compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards


Powder Coated


79" x 32" x 90"

Platform Height


Platform Depth


Optional Accessories

Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Tool Tray, Deployable Stand