Forklift Drum Handling Equipment, 2,000 lb Capacity

Tilt extra heavy drums in both directions with this Extra Heavy-Duty Forklift Karrier drum handling unit. This drum handling system is hand operated with geared tilt and has a fully enclosed gearbox. With the addition of this drum handling unit, you will be able to have quick and sure drum handling with your forklift; which will help to save you time, reduce your waste and improve upon your overall productivity.


Not only is this drum handling unit able to safely pick up large heavy drums but it also has the ability to give you a high-level of controlled pouring ensuring that not only will the drums be safely picked up, but their contents will not be wasted when you need it.

Additional information

Designed For

Moving drums weighing up to 2, 000 lbs.

Weight Capacity

Able to Lift Full Drums Which Weigh up to 2, 000 lbs and Half Full Drums up to 1, 000 lbs.

Number of Users



Manual Clamp

Gripping Mechanism