Fixed Height Gantry Cranes, A-Series

The A-Series Gantry Cranes are portable, lightweight, and affordable lifting solutions with sturdy A-frame designs.

The A-Series Gantry Cranes have greater clear spans because they don’t require four brace legs like our T-Series.


Crane Height Adjustments: Adjusting in 6-inch increments, height adjustment kits use spring-loaded steel locking pins that automatically engage when height positioning holes are reached; adjust heights for specific lifts, uneven floors, or to move through doorways

Adjustable Spans: Standard on aluminum cranes, adjustable spans are optional on steel cranes; adjustable spans allow the crane to be shortened for transport down narrow aisles

Additional information

Part Numbers


Material Type


Caster Details

Four-Position, Swivel-Lock Casters with Moldon Polyurethane Wheels Provide Excellent Floor Protection

Weight Capacity

Up to 10 Tons

Adjustable Span Kits


Height Under Beam

Up to 16′

Span Length

Up to 40′