Electric Cart Mover, MT1200+

The MasterTug MT1200+ is designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to easily push, pull and steer wheeled loads weighing up to a maximum of 26,000 lbs.


As part of the mastertug range, the MT1200+ features the ability to steer through a full 180° and hydraulics that help create an incredible amount of traction. The tugs' dual secured mast remains solid even under maximum load and a planetary gearbox adds further durability.

Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Reducing Manual Handling, Improving Safety and to Move A Variety of Different Products


Electric with Interchangeable 179Ah 24V Battery Pack

Weight Capacity

26, 000 lbs

Motor Models

Flashing Safety Lift and Motion Bleeper. Two-Speed Selector Switch. Wireless Control Handset.


All Models are Highly Reliable, Compact and Easy to Operate