Drum Roller System and Safety Enclosures

Save time, labour and money with Single Stationary Drum Rollers that give you the ability to blend ingredients right inside of your sealed drum. This eliminates transfer, clean-up, special vessels and apparatus ensuring homogeneity.


Control packages are sold separately and optional control mast sand the appropriate control boxes are available for each model. The power controls can be used as well in order to start and stop drum rolling and the control mast can be positions outside the safety enclosure.

Enclosures with safety interlock are sold separately and comply with all OSHA requirements. These enclosures have a safety interlock system which automatically shuts off the drum roller when the gate is opened. In order to allow for operation: open the enclosure gate, place your drum in to the drum roller and then close the gate.

Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Moving drums weighing up to 1, 000 lbs.


AC Control Package and an Explosion Proof AC Control Package.

Weight Capacity

1, 000 lbs

Number of Users






Gripping Mechanism


Motor Models

We offer 5 models: 1-phase electric motor, 3-phase electric motor, an explosion proof 1-phase electric motor, an explosion proof 3-phase electric motor and an air motor.

Gate Switch