Drum Racker, 611-114

One of the most common dangers encountered when moving drums is when drums are moved on and off of drum racks, but with the addition of the MORStak Drum Racker you will have a solution which will help to eliminate any safety concerns you may have about drum racking. This drum handling solution is able to lift drums on and off of upper racks, move a drum from a horizontal to an upright position and handle a drum in areas where a forklift is unable to fit.


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Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Designed for Moving Drums

Weight Capacity

800 lbs

Number of Users



Push Buttons


34" x 51"

Drum Handling


Power Source

Air Motor (Requires 40 psi at 40 scfm, Do NOT exceed 60 psi. Install Filter, Regulator and Lubricator in accordance with air motor manufacturer's recommendations)



Maximum Racking Height