Drum Pump

Emptying drums has never been easier than with this drum pump. This drum pump is corrosion resistant and hand operated. The drum pump is double action piston pumps which deliver on forward and on backstrokes. To ensure that there is no unwanted flow when pumping is stopped, drum pumps have a built-in siphon breaker, and will also operate wet or dry with no damage. This type of pump is perfect for chemically compatible liquids at temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and has a maximum viscosity of 2,200 SSU.

Manufactured By: Morse Manufacturing Inc.


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Additional information

Part Number

Manual Drum Pump

Designed For

Emptying 55 Gallon Drum


A Gallon Can Be Easily Pumped in Fewer Than 5 Cycles and the Two Position Handles May Be Mounted Either Above or Below the Pump

Weight Capacity

55 Gallon Drum

Number of Users





Manual clamp

Used To

Can be Used to Empty a Drum in Fewer than 5 cycles.