Drum Lifter, 525-N-114

This drum lifter is designed to move and control the dispensing of your drum up to 106-inches high. This drum lifter has the power to lift and tilt drums as well as give you full control of the lifting height and pouring angle. The compact base and quality components of this drum lifter make it easy to maneuver. Whereas the vertical lifting track keeps the drum reach consistent through the full lift range.


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Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Designed for Moving Drums

Weight Capacity

800 lbs Capacity for Full Drums and a 500 lbs Capacity for Half-Full Drums

Number of Users



Push Buttons

Gripping Mechanism

Outside Diameter Clamp with the Ability to Lift Drums 106" High

Power Source

12V DC Power Hydraulic Lift & Tilt, 12V DC Power Option Includes Battery and 110V AC Charger