Drum Handler, 800 lb Capacity

These below-the-hook drum handling solutions allow for controlled high-level pouring and give you the ability to lift and dispense a drum with your hoist and crane. So that you can control drum tilting, Kontrol-Karriers have a 12-inch-long pull chain loop with a 6-inch drop. When ordered with the hand crank or hand wheel option, the unit can only be used within the reach of the operator.


The MorStop Tilt-Break option automatically holds the drum tilt angle until you move it. This is highly recommended because it prevents a partially full, unbalanced drum from turning out of control even when the contents shift from one end to the other.

Additional information

Weight Capacity

800 lbs Capacity for Full Drums and 500 lbs Capacity for Half-Full Drums

Number of Users



Push Buttons

Pull Chain

Pull Chain Extends Approximately Six Feet Below the Chain Wheel