Drum Handler, 500 lb Capacity

The Adjusto-Karrier is able to handle a wide variety of drum diameters and is designed with unique pads which conform to the drum to create a secure grip, allowing for fast dispensing of your drum and a high level of controlled pouring. This drum handling unit has the capacity to handle fibre or steel drums that weigh up to 500 pounds.


This piece of drum handling equipment is a convenient way to pour into high chutes, hopers and vessels. It's 30: 1 gears are equipped with safety covers and this drum lifter comes equipped with a hand operated pull chain that allows for gear driven tilt control allowing for pouring above a person’s reach.

Additional information

Designed For

Lifting and Moving Drums Weighing up to 500 lbs

Weight Capacity

500 lbs

Number of Users




Gripping Mechanism

With One of a Kind Grip Pads Which Are Made Of A Nylon Core With Nitrile Blend Cover. These Grip Pads Conform to The Drum Curvature In Order To Grip It Securely