Drum Dolly, 35-5

These Drum Cradles and Dollies have a capacity of 700 pounds and have a rugged angle iron construction with 3” MORTUF polyolefin wheels. These drum cradles and dollies come in a variety of different models; Model 40 is a 55-gallon steel drum and Model 40-30 is a 30-gallon steel drum.


Square Drum Dollies have a flat deck with four rounded corners turned up to hold the drum in position. This is useful if your drum has a spigot low on the side of the drum. They roll on four 3 MORTUF polyolefin swivel casters.

Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Lifting and Moving Drums Weighing up to 700 Lbs

Caster Details

Steel Casters with MORTUF Polyolefin Wheels

Weight Capacity

200 Lb. (91 kg)

Number of Users






Fits Drum Diameters

12.5” (31.75 cm)