Drum Cart, 160-SS

This stainless steel drum cart is designed to easily move and turn drums and is perfect for clean room operations. This drum truck allows the user to pour barrels or drums as well as move them through narrow aisles while the user’s hands are produced inside the u-shaped knuckle saving handle.

This drum truck is able to stand on its own with its four wheels holding the full weight of the drum, meaning it does not require you to support or balance the drum. Whereas the extendable support prop on this drum cart helps to stabilize the drum truck into a dispensing position and allow for it to stand upright for storage.

Manufactured By: Morse Manufacturing Inc.


Factory Supply Inc. Provides a number of standard and custom ergonomic material handling solutions. We have experience in creating and supplying solutions to the Automotive & Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical & Hospital Industries, Food & Beverage Industry and Warehouse & Retail Industries.

160 1,000 lbs Steel
160-SS 1,000 lbs 304 Stainless Steel
160-WP 1,000 lbs Steel
160-WP-SS 1,000 lbs 304 Stainless Steel
160M 1,000 lbs Steel


Additional information

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This Drum Handling Unit Is Able to Ergonomically Move Drums Throughout Your Facility and Is Designed with Safety In Mind Not Only For The Operator But The Drum Itself

Material Types

304 Stainless Steel

Weight Capacity

1, 000 Lbs Capacity and Designed to Handle 30, 55 or 85 Gallon Steel Drums and Most Rimmed Plastic and Fiber Drums

Gripping Mechanism

This Unit Drum Handling Truck Is Unique In That It Has Four Wheels Which Allow For It To Carry The Full Weight Of The Drum During Transportation As Well As Being Able To Move And Easily Turn Even While Loaded

Optional Accessories

Strap for Rimless Plastic Drums or Smaller Drums