Dock Ladder, 10.5′ Tall

This 10.5′ tall dock ladder is lightweight and easily mounts 6″ from wall surface with top surface mount bracket and side mount standoffs.

These dock ladders are safe, easy to install, reliable and suitable for any application. These dock ladders are perfect for seawalls and stationary docks with fluctuating water lines and make climbing in and out of the water a breeze.


When you require access to your rooftop, but don't have a rooftop hatch, a fixed access ladder is one of the safest ways to access your rooftop. Many regulations are in place in order to ensure that permanently fixed ladders are safe to use and to ensure they continue to be safe to use for the duration of their lifetime.


Additional information

Part Number




Material Types

All Welded Aluminum Construction

Weight Capacity

300 Lbs


Meets or Exceeds OSHA Requirements


7, 16″ Wide, 2 1/2″ Deep and Spaced 12″ Vertically

Unit Weight

23 Lbs


22" H x 52" L x 52" W

Overall Width


Rung Width


Flat Bar Stock Side Rails

2 1/2″ x 1/2″

Flared Handrails

Available on All Models That Extend 42″ Above the Top Rung. Inside Width Of 21″. All Sizes Have Floor Mount Legs and Bolt-On Standoff Brackets. Models 8′ & 10′ Have (1) Set of Standoff Brackets; All Other Models Come With (2) Sets