Cloth Roll Handling, 300 lb Capacity

Designed for the LIFT-O-FLEX series of Ergonomic lifters, this roll handling attachment is perfect for lifting and maneuvering cloth rolls. This roll handling attachment comes in two forms in order to meet your cloth roll handling needs: Vertical to Horizontal Roll Handling and Horizontal to Horizontal Roll Handling.


The Vertical to Horizontal Roll Handler uses the SQUEEZE-O-TURN end effector and standard LIFT-O-FLEX configuration. It has long grippers for better roll configuration and can easily handle large/small diameter rolls with its long grippers which allows for better roll control.

The Horizontal to Horizontal Roll Handler uses fixed forks with a “V” block or core probe. With a fixed fork with a “V” block and core probe this roll handling unit is able to move rolls from pallets to be directly unloaded onto the “V” block.

Additional information

Designed For

Lifting and Moving Rolls



Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Number of Users



Push Buttons


Cloth Roll Handling Unit