Cantilever Ladder, 68″ x 34″ x 17″

Access hard-to-reach areas safely with this cantilever ladder. This cantilever ladder features perforated treads and 42″ handrails to help provide optimum safety and reduce the possibility of slipping.

The support frame allows the top cantilever portion to clear obstacles. Supported cantilever ladders are often used in inventory stocking, maintenance, reaching over obstacles and cargo inspection.

Manufactured By: Factory Supply Inc.


Factory Supply’s Supported Cantilever Ladder provides access to difficult to reach areas by allowing the platform overhang as necessary to access areas which cannot be reached with a standard ladder. Our standard design allows you to choose several overhang depths to suit your specific requirement and is balanced by a counterweight to keep it safe from tipping. Additional structural bracing prevents unsafe swaying.


Additional information

Part Number


Weight Capacity

300 lbs


68" x 34" x 17"

Number of Steps


Base Width x Length

24" x 40"

Fuel Pod Opening

42″ Handrail with a 21″ Midrail

Fuselage Ladder

4″ Top Safety

Platform Dimensions



30" x 107"