Cable Safety System, Lad-Saf 6118050

This 50 ft galvanized steel cable safety system is designed with a top and bottom bracket which act as anchors for a steel cable that runs the length of the climbing area. A sleeve connects the worker to the ladder cable guide system, which automatically follows the user during the climb and locks onto the cable in the event of a fall, allowing the user to regain their footing.

These fixed access cable guide systems are designed for ease of use, economy and versatility, optional brackets/designs are available to suit almost any application. In addition, these versatile ladder cable systems can be used by up to four workers simultaneously for added job site flexibility.

Manufactured By: DBI-SALA®


This lightweight cable safety system is designed for easy installation and maintenance on a variety of structures—such as fixed ladders and telecommunication towers. These cable safety systems have been designed to meet the requirements of current fall protection standards.

Lad-Saf 6118020 20 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118030 30 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118040 40 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118050 50 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118060 60 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118070 70 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118080 80 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118090 90 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6118100 100 ft Galvanized Steel
Lad-Saf 6119020 20 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119030 30 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119040 40 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119050 50 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119060 60 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119070 70 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119080 80 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119090 90 ft Stainless Steel
Lad-Saf 6119100 100 ft Stainless Steel


Additional information

Part Number

Lad-Saf 6118050

Cable Length

50 ft


1 x 7 Swaged Cable, 3/8 in.

Cable Guide for Fixed Ladder

1 per 30 ft.


ANSI A14.3-1992, OSHA 1910.27 and FAA RR-S-001301

Material Type

Galvanized Steel