B777 Landing Gear Access Platform

The unit is designed for Boeing wide body aircraft, as well as the B757 in both the main and nose gear positions. The unit has proven effective on aft fuselage access of the B737. This unit, although designed for specific landing gear access tasks, has proven itself in many other maintenance inspection and technical operations scenarios including Airbus main gear and nose access, as well as aft fuselage points of the Embraer 175 &190. The stand is designed and tested in accordance with ANSI-ASC A14.7 and BS EN 131.7 including CE Certification.


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    The Landing Gear Access Stand is built to handle all wide body (and B757) landing gear and nose gear applications. It will also provide access the A320 family main gear. Access to engines with this stand when used in conjunction with the DF071554-06 is also possible. The unit also facilitates access to aft fuselage, access panels, forward avionics and access hatches.

    The Landing Gear Access Stand provides safe access to all maintenance locations of the main and nose landing gear. The base frame is designed to adjust to most wheel assembly configurations on main and nose gear. The hydraulic height adjustment, one hand lateral operation and full swivel and lock casters allow single technician placement and use. The Landing Gear Access Stand utilizes anti-slip, anti-fatigue ladder rungs and fall restraint anchorage on the upper ladder. A corrosion resistant powder coat finish ensures the longevity of the stand. Lift truck fork pockets are included in the base frame for easy relocation.

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    Weight 1000 lbs
    Dimensions 87 x 96 x 96 in
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