A350 & B777 Engine Access Stand

The stand facilitates safe access to nose cowls, fan cowls and pylon disconnect zones on PW, GE and RR engines, providing a safe working solution to many of the traditionally difficult under-cowling maintenance locations. The unit is also designed to safely access the same points outside of cowling, specifically forward and aft pylon service points. The hard to reach refuel panels and under-wing areas are also accessible using this product.

For increased safety and ease of mobility, the stand has optional accessories which can be added. They include 4 corner-leveling jacks, fold away tow bars and lift truck fork pockets. The stand is designed and tested in accordance with ANSI-ASC A14.7 and BS EN 131.7 and includes CE Certification.


Air Powered Pump
Utilities Package
Tow Bar
Fork Pockets

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  • Description

    This stand was specifically designed for the A350 and the B777. We use anti-fatigue ladder rungs rather than narrow ladder rungs to ensure comfort when using the stands to change LRU’S, adjust components or connect/disconnect engines and nacelles. Design improvements include a lighter stand utilizing a smaller footprint and greater geometry for optimum usage.

    The height and angle adjustments on this stand allow for diverse angle and height changes frequently required when servicing aircraft. The unit contains extensive aluminum construction for easy movement and a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish for longevity.

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    Weight 1100 lbs
    Dimensions 88 x 52 x 128 in
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