200 Series Mast-Style Jib Crane—Full Cantilever

The Mast-Style Jib Cranes provides full 360-degree rotation while eliminating the cost of a special foundation, which can cost more than the crane.

As a lower cost alternative to freestanding jib cranes, these full-feature mast-style cranes:

Are bolted to the floor and existing overhead support structure (e.g., steel beams)
Require no special foundation, but only a standard 6-inch reinforced concrete floor
Are available with power rotation on all models


To provide maximum clearance underneath it, the cantilevered boom is mounted at the top of the mast.

Additional information


Up to 20’ Standard; Up to 40’ Custom

Weight Capacity

Up to 5 Tons on Standard Models; Up to 10 Tons Custom


Up to 20’ Standard; Up to 40’ Custom

Crane Rotation