12108 Series Anti-Telescopic Roll Handling Attachment

The Anti-Telescopic Attachment is designed for all LIFT-O-FLEX systems and the EXPAND-O-TURN roll handling system. This attachment has the option of either being used with the electric or manually powered EXPAND-O-TURN, is built for custom or standard sizes, and is able to ergonomically handle rolls of varying sizes. The Anti-Telescopic Attachment is manually operated and used to stabilize rolls before they are rotated for placement onto spindles.


The Anti-Telescopic Attachment is ergonomically correct and will help to eliminate the unsafe conditions commonly associated with the roll handling process, while not damaging the surface of the roll.

Additional information

Designed For

Used to Stabilize Rolls Before they are Rotated for Placement onto Spindles



Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Number of Users



Push Buttons


Anti-Telescopic Attachments