Landing Gear Stands

This set of landing gear stands makes it easy to get to the landing gear and wheel wells in a safe and efficient manner.  These units can be customised to fit the landing gear needs of any aircraft. The stand is a height-adjustable maintenance platform for landing gear assemblies and access points to the wheel bay.  Telescoping handrails make manoeuvring the platform a breeze, and it complies with all international norms and laws.

The freestanding modules are designed for regular maintenance and inspection of your aircraft and can also be used as a daily maintenance station. These versatile platforms can be used independently or coupled together to form a complete work platform system. When employed in a variety of applications, these lightweight platforms provide unrivalled stability and endurance. Our professional engineers can design custom models based on your specific requirements. 

Landing Gear Stands

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    Fixed Wing Maintenance

    Safety in the air starts on the ground   

    Full fall restraint provisions

    Multi-functional design

    Customizable to individual operational requirements

    Designed and tested in accordance with all safety regulations

    Warranty options available

    Safe access to maintenance and inspection points

    Safe and reliable engineered solution

    Durable construction for multiple applications


    From inception, through to design, fabrication, and installation; Factory Supply specializes in standard and custom fixed-wing Crew Access Stands. Working alongside our valued clients in the Commercial, Military, and Private Aircraft sectors, we have been recognized as a leader in quality, innovation, dependability and customer service. Our products are designed to safely access maintenance inspection points, perform painting, assembly, overhaul and repairs.

    Our specialized solutions allow maintenance personnel to work both safely and efficiently while protecting the aircraft. Our aircraft maintenance equipment is constructed with premium American materials and products, while exceeding all regulatory requirements including OSHA and ANSI.   

    img Crew Access Stand

    Regulatory and Compliance

    Our defining philosophy; “safety in the air, starts on the ground”, highlights our core focus of keeping our clients and their teams safe. 

    All Factory Supply products are engineered, designed, built and tested in accordance with OSHA and ANSI regulations.

    Many of our products have also been tested, and meet or exceed BS EN 131.7, DIN EN 12312-8, EN 1915-1, and include CE certifications. 

    Built for safety and ease of use

    Many of our crew access platforms are adjustable to allow users to safely access distinct access points of the aircraft using hydraulically actuated and vertically adjustable platforms. 

    img engine access stand
    img Crew Access Stand

    A focus on the finer details

    Our crew access stands include specialized features such as anti-fatigue and anti-slip steps, fail-safe hydraulic cylinder locks and castor wheels with brake and swivel locks.

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