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  • Determining Standard Tube Length on VT Systems

    VT Systems are available with two standard tube length, 2.5 meters (99 in.) and 4.0 meters (158 in.). To specify the correct length, use this procedure:
  • 1. Determine height to top of the lowest load, shown as “A” on the diagram.
  • 2. Determine height to the highest point of lifted load, shown as “B” on the diagram. Be sure to allow at least 2 in. clearance to maneuver load. If the load is a bag, allow 6 in. clearance to allow for considerable “sag” that can occur.
  • 3. Subtract “A” from “B” to get “C”. This is the required LIFT distance of the tube. If “C” is up to 66 inches, a 2.5 m tube may be used. If “C” is up to 105 inches, a 4.0 m tube may be used.
  • 4. Check the trolley saddle height requirements:
    ADD: 99” for 2.5m tubes or 158” for 4.0 tubes
    PLUS: 14” for head and top swivel height
    PLUS: 2” to 6” for pad attachment and accessories
    PLUS: Minimum load height “A” (6” minimum)
    TOTAL: Height from floor to trolley saddle
  • 5. If the required height exceeds available height to trolley saddle, consult and R&D Ergo Ltd. sales rep for alternatives.
  • Tube Lifter Details

    Scroll to the bottom for a drawing of the vacuum tube lifter
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