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Factory Supply is the leading supplier of Industrial ladders,lifts,crossovers, and custom maintenance platforms


Our Beginnings

Factory Supply was started in the year 2000 and our founder had a passion for simplifying the process of purchasing access products and industrial equipment, like ladders, lockers, cafeteria tables and self-dumping hoppers by offering a better, more globalized shopping experience for our customers.

Over time, we began to specialize in access and maintenance equipment (ladders and work platforms) and discovered that our customers often had special needs and were not able to safely apply standard, off the shelf products to solve their access problems.

Our owner, who previously worked for a major airline as an airport services manager, was familiar with aircraft maintenance department equipment problems, so we began to offer off the shelf and customized equipment and maintenance stands.  We have our own, in-house design department, so working with our customers’ engineering, safety or maintenance departments, cooperating together and by using tools like Solid Works, we develop designs based on direct customer input.

We use our own hand picked, quality manufacturers to fabricate our equipment and ship, direct from the manufacturer to you.

As a small business, we pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service, providing quick turn around quotes, innovative design and quality manufacturing at affordable prices.  We have been a GO TO solution for companies like Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar Tractor  and many other Fortune 500 Companies.

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Phone:  1 727 347 4820    -   1 888 242 3045    Fax:  1 727 347 4830

 email www.sales@factorysupply.com

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Our Team

While faces have changed since Factory Supply's beginnings as a company, we still remain dedicated to the customer. Our experienced team focuses on finding the right solution for every company's needs. Often times we are able to find custom solutions or different off the shelf products for our customers that better fit the company's needs and budget. Wether your company knows exactly what you'd like manufactured or if you'd like for us to create and design a custom solution, our team is ready to help.