How RoofGuard Can Help You Meet Rooftop Safety Regulation Requirements

Rooftop Safety Has Never Been Easier

Do you have staff and contractors that work atop your roof?
What safety measures do you have in place to protect them from the risk of falling?
On any given day, every rooftop worker is at risk of having a fall and therefore needs the best protection possible.

That is where RoofGuard comes into play.

Factory Supply is your go-to American supplier of RoofGuard, which is a versatile, economical and modular guardrail system designed to protect employees and contractors that perform rooftop job functions. Not requiring any penetration of the roof membrane during installation eliminates the risk of leaks. And as a passive solution, RoofGuard is the preferred method of fall protection as training your staff is not required. Factory Supply’s RoofGuard products exceed all OSHA safety regulations, protecting your business from unnecessary liability or fines.

Our rooftop solutions include HatchGuard, Skylight Guardrails, RoofStep Crossover, RoofStep Ladder, RoofGuard Guardrail, Fixed Access Ladders and other miscellaneous systems and solutions, all with standard and custom-designed options available.


Rooftop Guardrail Systems

The RoofGuard Line Of Products Include

Fixed Access Ladders >
Roof Hatch Guardrail >
RoofStep Crossover Systems >
RoofStep Ladder Systems >
Rooftop Crossover Platforms >
Rooftop Guardrail Systems >
Rooftop Walkway System >
Rooftop Warning Line Systems >
Skylight Guardrail >


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